Can CBD Increase Libido?

Your curiosity may have been piqued that we begin by highlighting the relationship between CBD and sex. Moving in totally scientific terms, it is proven that cannabidiol has relaxing effects, a property that is more than interesting when applied to our sexual life. Currently, stress and tension are the worst enemies of sex, so it is logical to think that enjoying a moment of intimacy with a more relaxed mood will be a guarantee for a more pleasant relationship.

However, this is not the only property of CBD capable of improving our sexual life. In this sense, CBD oil helps the natural mechanisms of inhibition and sexual arousal to interact spontaneously and more effectively, which translates into a more complete experience, with more intense orgasms.

In addition, CBD tackles one of the main sexual problems, that of lack of sexual appetite. CBD extract increases libido thanks to its anxiolytic effect. And there is still more. CBD cannabidiol helps fight erectile dysfunction. This is a consequence of its ability to regenerate cell tissues, in this case, those of the genitals, and increase blood flow with better oxygenation of the blood.

As you can see, there are different reasons why it is worth seeing first-hand the benefits of CBD and canabis oil in terms of sexual intercourse. And you can do it with the peace of mind of taking one hundred per cent natural product. Therefore, without risk to health, nor the possibility of causing addiction or dependence.