Hatha Yoga | What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha yoga is a type of yoga that is perfect for beginners


You may already know there are several types of yoga out there. In fact, that knowledge may be what started you on the path to finding out what type of yoga may be suitable to your needs and to your lifestyle. Hatha yoga is appealing to many people for a variety of reasons. If you have never heard of Hatha yoga here are a few quick facts to get you started.

The Technique

The first thing to understand about Hatha yoga is that it is a gentle form of yoga. In fact, it is considered the ideal yoga practice for someone that is new to the world of yoga. It has gentle slow movements. It also allows you to learn different breathing techniques and to grasp them before moving into more complex and intense yoga styles. The technique is an ancient technique that works on not only breathing techniques but the flow of the movements.


The Movements

Most of the Hatha yoga movements you see are ones used in other yoga traditions. The difference with Hatha is that the movements connect. They flow from one to the other instead of breaking up with a small break and movement in between. This is ideal if you are looking for a set routine that you can memorize and use while you are at home or on the go. In some other traditions, you can learn the movements and poses, but they may not join. In Hatha, they do join and move as a flow.


Hatha Classes

If you plan on going to Hatha yoga classes there are a few things you should expect. It is low energy and quiet environment in most cases. This is ideal for someone who wants a stress free environment where they can concentrate on yoga and not on the world around them. You will also have an instructor that likely moves around the room and helps you with your poses. This is a hands-on class, but a silent meditation class. It is peaceful and the flow of the class moves with the flow of the poses.

What is Hatha Yoga

These facts should let you know if you want to continue pursuing your path of Hatha yoga. If you do, you will find there are several poses to help stress as well as ways to incorporate Hatha into your natural healing and health routine.


Hatha Yoga Poses For Stress Relief

Yoga is usually mentioned as a natural remedy for stress relief. This is due mostly in part to the meditational aspect of the practice. In addition to the meditation aspect of the tradition, there are also poses that can help with stress relief. If you are new to practicing the Hatha yoga style, you may be wondering if the style has the same types of poses or which poses the style has that can help with your stress. Here are a few poses to consider for your routine stress relief.

Bridge Pose

To help with stress relief you can start with the bridge pose. This pose needs to be done either on your knees or with your feet flat to the ground. If you have a lot of stress or tension, start with the pose on your knees. Slowly lean back until your shoulders are on the mat or floor and bend your back like the hump of a bridge. This is a modified bridge pose. If you are more flexible, move your feet out so they are flat and create the bridge with your back again.


Cobra Pose

From bridge pose, release your back slowly out of the arch. Slowly roll over onto your knees and then lay with the front of your legs flat to the ground. You can also lay flat with your stomach on the ground or mat. From either of these poses, move your arms into a pose similar to one for push-ups. Push up slowly and move to your chest is open and facing out, like a cobra. This releases stress from your chest and chest muscles as well as your back.


Corpse Pose

When you are finished with cobra pose, you can roll slowly onto your back and go into corpse pose. Lay flat on your back with your arms out to your sides. They should be out at a slight angle with your palms facing up. Your legs should be spread at a shoulder-width apart. Breath slowly in this position. This is a pose that many people use to simply stay relaxed when they do not have the time to do a full yoga pose routine.


Lotus Pose

If you still need a bit of meditation at the end of your stress relief yoga routine, then try the lotus pose. You sit with your legs crossed, palms up on your knees, and back straight. Breath in and out slowly and start your meditation. This is a good way to end



Hatha Poses You Can Do While Traveling

Trying to find a form of exercise you can do while traveling can be tiresome. You need something that has little to no equipment. You need something that can be done in a small space, like a hotel room. You also need an exercise that is still worth doing for your body and can be done with no gym. This really narrows the playing field for many people. If you are still on your search, consider Hatha yoga and the poses you can do while traveling that will still give you a full body workout.

Mountain Pose

The mountain pose can help stretch out your legs and your back muscles. It also helps you open your chest muscles and help open your lungs. The reason the mountain pose is used while traveling is because it can be the most beneficial to people who take long flights and may find stress or aches and pains from that. It also helps to stretch out the body if you are in a confined space for too long, like a long flight. The pose is done by doing a lunge position. Your front foot should be flat, the back foot should be on the ball of your foot, and your body arches back slightly to open the chest area.


Side Angle Revolve

The next pose you can do is easy to move into the mountain pose. Keeping your legs the same as they are, in the lunge pose from mountain pose, straighten your back and then begin to revolve to the left or right. You will end up with your hands in the prayer pose in front of the middle of your chest and your chest revolved and facing out to the left or the right. This can help remove tension in your lower back and help to move the spine slightly to promote energy.


Warrior Pose

From the single angle revolve, move into warrior pose. This pose is fairly easy. Your feet will slightly change because you will stay in the lunge position, but you will go flat on both feet. Extend your arms out with one in front of you straight and the other behind you straight, palms facing down. You can extend the lunge to help flex your leg muscles.


Pumping Warrior

The fourth pose in your Hatha yoga for travel routine is the pumping warrior pose. You do this pose by shifting out of the warrior pose so you move from a lunge to a position





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